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Dental Services

To help you to understand the dental services we provide, our most common procedures are listed below in technical and layman terms.  

Technical Terms (Layman Terms)
Diagnostic Services:

Comprehensive Oral Evaluation


Dental Radiographs


Preventive Services:

Dental Sealants  

(Tooth-colored protective fillings) 

Topical Fluoride 

(Remineralizes/protects teeth from cavities)

Dental Prophylaxis   


Restorative Services:

Amalgam Restorations 

(Silver fillings)

Resin-Based Composite Restorations

(Tooth-colored fillings)

Stainless Steel Crowns

(Prefabricated metal crowns)

Odontoplasty/Limited Occlusal Adjustment 

(Adjustment of bite)

Endodontic Services:

Endodontic Therapy   

(Root canal therapy)

Periodontic Services:

Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing   

(Deep cleaning)

Full Mouth Debridement   

(General cleaning of tartar/calculus)

Provisional Splinting of Teeth   

(Bonding loose teeth together)

Gingivectomy and/or Gingivoplasty    

(Removal of enlarged/extra gum tissue)

Gingival flap procedures   

(Gum surgery to aid deep cleaning)


(Removal of flap tissue between lip/gums)

Oral Surgery Services:

Non-Surgical Tooth Extractions 

(Removal of erupted teeth and root tips)

Surgical Tooth Extractions   

(Removal of broken teeth and root tips)

Partial/Full Bony Tooth Extractions  

(Surgical wisdom tooth removal)


(Surgical shaping/smoothing of jaw bones)

Soft Tissue Biopsy  

(Removal of lesions on gums, tongue, lips)

Incision and Drainage of Abscess   

(Lancing of abscess/swelling)

Excision of Hyperplastic Tissue

(Removal of enlarged/extra gum tissue)


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